Bright Spots: Final Stories of Innovation in Routine Immunization Released!

Boost is excited to announce that our complete set of second round stories from the Bright Spots initiative are now LIVE!


As a reminder, Boost has been been highlighting stories of immunization professionals that illustrate resourcefulness, adaptability and resilience – particularly in the face of COVID-19.


We hope that these Bright Spots shine a light on the work that is happening on the ground and inspire immunization professionals everywhere to learn, adapt and take action.


The stories from this round are now live on our Bright Spots microsite:


πŸ’‘ Community Health Volunteers as Immunization Advocates | Kenya

πŸ’‘ My Village My Home: A Tool to Strengthen Community Involvement in Immunization | Zimbabwe

πŸ’‘ Partnership Powering Digital Progress | Vietnam

πŸ’‘ Increasing Accountability and Performance: The Advantage of Digitized Systems | Afghanistan

πŸ’‘ The March Towards Resilience and Readiness | Nigeria

πŸ’‘ Trust that Drives Tech - Boost Community | Ethiopia

πŸ’‘ Zero Dose No More - Boost Community | Pakistan

πŸ’‘ Simplicity in Solutions - Boost Community | India

πŸ’‘ Streamlining the River Reliant Supply Chain - Boost Community | Democratic Republic of the Congo

πŸ’‘ Influencing Immunization Beliefs – Who Holds the Key? - Boost Community| Nigeria

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