How to Maintain Routine Immunization During COVID-19? Experiences from Armenia, Georgia, and Uzbekistan

Over this last year, countries around the world have been forced to focus most of their efforts on fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, potentially leaving other health priorities, including routine immunization, to fall by the wayside. To understand COVID-19’s full impact on routine immunization, we must look at how countries have modified routine immunization service delivery and financing and trends in vaccine coverage. We must then consider future systemic improvements to further strengthen immunization programs and increase their resiliency in the face of future shocks to the system.

The Learning Network for Countries in Transition (LNCT) highlights the experiences of Armenia, Georgia, and Uzbekistan to provide an opportunity to understand the key challenges that countries in the European region have encountered with maintaining routine immunization during the COVID-19 pandemic and the strategies they implemented to address these challenges. 

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