Bright Spots Webinar: Influencing Immunization Beliefs - Who Holds the Key?

Over the past year, Boost has highlighted stories of immunization professionals who have driven change through an initiative called Bright Spots. From conducting immunization services in conflict settings to driving community engagement to crafting bottom-up approaches to planning, there is innovation occurring at all levels of the system. We are continuing to feature story submitters through a series of interactive, live engagements where they will showcase their promising practices to the Boost Community. Audience members will have an opportunity to ask questions and share their experiences with peers.

Our upcoming session on June 17 at 1:00 PM GMT (find local time) will dive into the work of Dr. Attahir Abubakar, Technical Assistant for the State and Local Government Area Emergency Routine Immunization Coordination Center (SERICC), and Almustpha Alinkilofeature, Program Manager for SERICC, as they share their experience engaging with religious leaders across Zamfara State, Nigeria. Before this session, be sure to read their full story - now available on the Bright Spots site!

Join us to learn more about how the team engaged with a diverse set of stakeholders and how they discovered who held the key to improving immunization coverage in their communities.

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