Bright Spots Webinar: Demonstrating the Power of PEI/EPI Syngergies

On Monday, March 1, Boost hosted the sixth live engagement in an ongoing series highlighting Bright Spots! This session featured an engaging presentation from JSI colleagues Pat Taylor, Project Director and Senior Advisor and Dr. Tariq Masood, Senior Immunization Advisor, that highlighted their story of partnering EPI and PEI efforts to strengthen immunization efforts in the Sindh province of Pakistan – an innovative approach they call PEI/EPI synergy.

Pakistan remains one of only two remain polio endemic countries. Moreover, at the time of this project only 14% of children in the Sindh province were fully immunized. Throughout this presentation, the JSI team revealed the groundbreaking steps they took to achieve synergy, described how this system found improvements to immunization coverage and outlined the way forward to ensure that synergy continues.

In the end, Dr. Tariq left us with this simple, yet important message:

Be Bold! Try something new, measure your results, share them with key decision makers and don’t give up. Your innovations can help save the lives of women and children.

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