The First Shot: Who should get the COVID-19 vaccine first?

Below is a summary of the full article, "The First Shot: Who should get the COVID19 vaccine first?" found on Gaon Connection's website.

In December 2020, Gaon Connection Insights conducted a face-to-face survey that polled 6,040 individuals living in rural communities across India in an effort to gain insights into the full impact of COVID-19. The full report, The Rural Report 3: COVID-19 Vaccine and Rural India, looked to capture trends for COVID-19 testing, community beliefs and practices related to the pandemic, and vaccine administration. The latter category examined public opinion around a key question: who should get the vaccine first?

While there are many ways this question could be phrased or analyzed, one survey question posed to poll participants was: Who do you think the government should prioritize for administering the COVID-19 vaccine? Of all those polled, doctors and nurses received the highest response rate with 43.5% of individuals stating that they should receive the vaccine on a priority basis. Following closely behind, 34.8% selected other frontline health workers (ASHAs and anganwadi workers) and 34.7% felt sanitation workers should be high on the priority list.

The question of vaccine prioritization is not only top of mind for individuals in rural India and their government but also people around the world. Boost is interested to learn if there are similar surveys being conducted in other countries. If you are participating in, conducting, or know of research that focuses on public opinion of COVID-19 vaccine, specifically prioritization and uptake, please share your insights by posting in the comments section of this post below or email

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