WHO Calls for Experts to Serve on COVAX Independent Allocation of Vaccine Group

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently opened a call for nominations of experts for the COVAX Independent Allocation of Vaccine Group (IAVG)Deadline for submission of application is midnight CET Friday 8th January 2021. More information can be found here: https://www.who.int/news-room/articles-detail/covax-independent-allocation-of-vaccines-group.


The IAVG is expected to play a pivotal role in the allocation of vaccines under COVAX and to ensure the independence of, and provide transparency into, the vaccine allocation decision-making under COVAX. The main purpose of the IAVG is to validate proposals for Vaccine Allocation Decisions (“VAD proposals”), which outline the volumes of vaccines that should be allocated to each participant of the COVAX Facility within a given time frame.


The IAVG will have the following functions:

  • To review the VAD proposals submitted by the JAT (joint allocation team) and to request clarifications from the JAT when necessary;
  • To discuss with the JAT any adjustments to the VAD proposals considered necessary on the basis of IAVG’s critical assessment;
  • To make validation assessments of the VAD proposals, ensuring they are technically informed and based on the latest available data and evidence;
  • For each VAD proposal that is validated by the IAVG (hereinafter a “VAD”), to document and justify the validation of such VAD, including any adjustments made to the original VAD proposal submitted to the IAVG by the JAT;
  • To deliver the VADs to the WHO Deputy-Director General for further implementation by the JAT.  
  • To regularly report on each VAD to the participants in the COVAX Facility, via the Facility governance (1) bodies to ensure transparency of decision-making.

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