Storytelling for Change: Online Training for Immunization Professionals

Storytelling for Change:
Online Training for Immunization Professionals

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The Boost Community, in partnership with People Power Health & Leading Change Network, is pleased to announce a new online course offering, Storytelling for Change.

Storytelling for Change is a self-paced, 5-week online (via mobile app) program that will launch on January 11, 2021. 

Why does it matter? The era of COVID-19 coupled with the rise of digital communication and social media has amplified messages of vaccine misinformation and disinformation, contributing to a diminishing confidence in vaccines. Immunization professionals have been forced to grapple with challenges of vaccine confidence while simultaneously demonstrating their ability to counter misinformation with facts. Moreover, immunization professionals face the challenge of soon introducing a new coronavirus vaccine while maintaining routine immunization services and will need to access cohorts of individuals not previously reached by EPI programs including adults, the elderly and vulnerable populations.

Stakeholder engagement and mobilization is crucial to effectively address and overcome these challenges. Addressing these challenges requires stakeholders, depending on the context, may include people such as parents, government officials, teachers, religious leaders, and youth groups, to name a few possibilities. Engaging stakeholders to take action requires more than the mastery of facts and statistics. Storytelling is how we inspire others to join us in taking action. 

What will I learn? Grounded in the practice of social movements and activism and building on the recent Community Activation Dialogues hosted by Boost in partnership with People Power Health, Storytelling for Change provides an opportunity for immunization professionals to learn new skills to generate public emotion, values and action.

By the end of the training, you will:

  • Understand how storytelling and narrative can influence people’s emotions and actions
  • Be able to develop a personal story to motivate people and institutions to support immunization activities
  • Learn how to create stories that will empower your community to act together

Who is it for? If you are an immunization professional responsible for engaging with different stakeholders then this is a perfect program for you.

When is it? The program will launch on January 11, 2021 and finish on February 15, 2021.

How much time will I need? This program is pre-recorded and requires 2-3 hours per week. 

What type of technology do I need? Storytelling for Change is delivered through a mobile phone platform called EdApp. In order to participate you need a smartphone or tablet (e.g. Android or iPhone) and access to WiFi to download the lessons. You may also participate on your desktop computer, although we recommend using the mobile phone for a better experience.

Is there a certification? Upon successful completion of all lessons and assignments, participants will receive a certificate of completion issued by Boost & People Power Health. 

How much does it cost? The Storytelling for Change training is FREE for Boost members. 

How do I register? To register please click on the following link:

After you register you will receive a special invitation and instructions to install and join EdApp. 

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