Learnings from Community Engagement: Equitable Approaches to COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery

Over the last few months, the COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Project has engaged with immunization professionals like yourself through the Boost Community, gathering valuable input that informed our approach to country engagement and support offerings. 

A special thanks to the 107 immunization professionals from 50 countries and the COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Project Boost working group, who helped us create more equitable vaccine distribution approaches by commenting on our posts, answering the Country Needs Analysis Survey, and participating in the Co-creating Equitable Approaches to COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery webinar.

We have processed and synthesized the many valuable insights you have shared with us thus far and integrated them into the design of the project’s offerings and our country-level engagement approach. 

We learned that immunization professionals define equity under four main pillars: approach integration; data-driven decision-making and transparency; bottom-up mobilization; and inclusive deployment. All of these key areas are supported by a robust holistic communication strategy. These pillars emerged as a response to the challenges countries are starting to face when planning and preparing for the COVID-19 vaccine distribution. 

To learn more about equity pillars and how we landed on them, explore this brief presentation that provides an overview of our community engagement model and a detailed description of the current challenges and support countries need to ensure equity when delivering and distributing COVID-19 vaccine.

In 2021, we will continue to refine our offerings and approach while working with Ecuador, Kenya, and our other pilot countries and engaging with the Boost Community. Do not hesitate to reach out to us with any comments.

Thanks for your contributions, and we look forward to continuing this dialogue with you in the new year!

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