New Resource: WHO Guidance on Developing a National Deployment and Vaccination Plan for COVID-19 Vaccines

Nov 18, 2020

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released guidance directed at national authorities who are responsible for managing deployment, implementation and monitoring of COVID-19 vaccines, as well as partners who provide the required support. For most countries, the establishment of a COVID-19 vaccine deployment and vaccination strategy falls within the ministry of health, this document is meant to support them as they develop coordination mechanisms across government sectors and stakeholders. The objectives of the document are as follows:

  • Developing and updating the National Deployment Vaccination Plan (NDVP) for the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines
  • Designing strategies for the deployment, implementation and monitoring of the COVID-19 vaccine(s) in country
  • Ensuring the plan and related financing is well-aligned to other national COVID-19 recovery and response and support plans, and implementation is fully integrated into national governance mechanisms

The document consists of 13 chapters, describing in detail the structure, processes and activities to be undertaken when preparing or updating NDVPs. This guidance will be available on the WHO and TechNet-21 websites as a modular document and will be available in all UN languages.

Access and download the full document!

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