This post is part of an ongoing bi-weekly series featuring key Boost partners, who are working to support the immunization professional community as it strives to adapt to shifting situations due to the current pandemic. This week, we are featuring Immunization Advocates, an initiative of the Sabin Vaccine Institute aimed at supporting media professionals and health workers with educational resources and connecting journalists to health experts to help them report accurately on immunization. 

New Sabin Immunization Advocates Resource Hubs Support Journalists, Health Workers

The Sabin Vaccine Institute’s new Immunization Advocates Resource Hubs gives journalists and health workers a trusted source for accurate and expert information on vaccines and immunization. The Resource Hubs aim to give these gatekeepers of health information the sources, tools and learning opportunities necessary to provide their communities with fact-based information. Among other tools, the Health Workers Resource Hub on Vaccine and Immunization allows health workers to:

  • Register for a two-part, free online course developed by expert independent faculty in the Americas and Eastern Europe to learn fundamental elements and topics of vaccine science, including the understanding of modern vaccines in context, the benefits of vaccination and the impact of vaccine hesitance and pockets of lower coverage.
  • Review authoritative resources to help counter misinformation, navigate the latest policies and regulations and communicate on the health and economic benefits of vaccines and immunization. From a slide kit from Sabin to help counter misinformation, to videos from immunization professionals, to fresh guidelines and policies from global and regional public health authorities – bookmarking the Hub assists health workers in keeping up with the latest so they can accurately contextualize this information for their communities.

Among other resources, the Journalist Resource Hub on Vaccine and Immunization allows journalists to:

  • Access the Immunization Saves Lives infographic to find useful data regarding lives saved by immunization, the financial savings of vaccines, immunization rates and the failure of many regions to meet immunization targets.
  • Utilize the Find an Expert tool to connect with technical leaders and build reliable resources to ensure factual reporting on vaccine acceptance and demand. This tool spotlights experts by region and specialty who are willing to answer reporter inquiries. If you or colleagues would like to be considered as an Immunization Advocates expert on this platform, please fill out the linked form.

The Immunization Advocates Resource Hubs will continue to build on this set of resources – including new resources in Russian and Spanish – to help health workers, journalists and policymakers ensure accurate and timely information on vaccines and immunization, including the latest on COVID-19 vaccine development.

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