Boost Partner Spotlight: Learning Network for Countries in Transition

This post is part of an ongoing bi-weekly series feature key Boost partners, who are working to support the immunization professional community as it strives to adapts to shifting situations due to the current pandemic. This week, we are featuring Learning Network for Countries in Transition (LNCT)LNCT (pronounced “linked”) contributes to the achievement of Gavi’s goals for improved sustainability of national immunization programs by reducing the chance that vaccines will be dropped, helping to maintain or increase coverage, and building the skills and ability to introduce new vaccines in the future. LNCT promotes these goals by facilitating both in-person and virtual learning exchanges based around country-identified priority topics.

LNCT Launches Video Tutorial Series to Help You Make the Case for Investing in Immunization

The Learning Network for Countries in Transition (LNCT) developed the Making the Case for Investment in Immunization materials to enable immunization practitioners to make their best case for additional funding for the national immunization program by drawing on the most up-to-date global evidence available. These materials, which were updated earlier in 2020, are meant to be adapted to suit the immunization practitioners’ needs and audience. They can be used in the PowerPoint format provided on LNCT’s website, put into document form for a brief, or simply used to prepare for a verbal presentation with stakeholders.

In order to provide guidance on how these materials could be used in practice, LNCT has produced and launched a tutorial video series with five videos that offer examples of how to leverage the materials to advocate for increased funding for immunization. The first video in the series, shown below, presents an approach to resource mobilization that can be used to gain the support of key stakeholders with the ultimate goal of ensuring long-term and sustainable funding for immunization.



The next three videos, which can be found here, walk through how to use the investment case materials to develop a presentation, brief, or talking points justifying investment for different activities in the context of the national immunization program – introducing a new vaccine, implementing activities to increase vaccine coverage in hard-to-reach areas, and conducting outreach activities at the sub-national level. The final video in the series demonstrates how to download and customize the materials for your own context.

All of the materials, including the tutorial video series, are available in English, French, Portuguese, and Russian. To view the investment case materials, including the tutorial video series, please visit the investment case resource page on LNCT’s website.


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