UPDATE: WHO Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety

Pharmacovigilance Preparedness for the launch of future COVID-19 vaccine(s)

The vaccine development community has responded rapidly with over 120 COVID-19 vaccine candidates based on both traditional vaccine platforms and completely new ones, including DNA and mRNA. Acknowledging the unprecedented short timeframe for COVID-19 development, limited safety data will be available at the time of deployment. Consequently, more effort will be required by implementing countries on safety monitoring, in settings that are likely be overburdened by the pandemic. 

The Committee considered the safety aspects of the COVID-19 vaccines in the pipeline, and made a series of recommendations on a pharmacovigilance preparedness plan, in the lead-up to the COVID19 vaccine(s) deployment in countries, and on key aspects of vaccine safety to be monitored following vaccine deployment. The Committee advised the creation of ad hoc working groups to elaborate and implement the PV preparedness plan and to support the safety monitoring of the COVID vaccines for real world evidence.  Read the full report here.


 Full Meeting Report in English and French.

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