Thank You for Joining Us for the COVID-19 Listening πŸ‘‚ & Learning πŸ’‘ Series!

Thank you for being a part of the fourth session of Boost's COVID-19 Listening and Learning Series on November 17, 2021! This ongoing interactive series aims to provide a platform for immunization professionals and others involved in COVID-19 vaccine introduction to share their perspectives, learnings, insights and tools related to vaccine introduction. In turn, the objective of these conversations is to enable a more effective and efficient response to COVID-19 vaccine introduction.


For this live engagement, we were joined by an expert team from Curative who answered some of the most frequently asked questions from the Boost Community related to setting up mass vaccination sites.


Meet the team:

  • Haley Albert, Direct of Growth
  • Lucy Licht, Partnerships Manager
  • Emily Moos, former National Director of Vaccines
  • Alexandra Simon, former California Director of Vaccines

Throughout this session, the Curative team provided a thorough overview of their experience setting up mass vaccination sites across the United States, and shared some strategic tips for combatting vaccine hesitancy such as Vax Tripling, flyering and AAR.


Below are just a few highlights from the session as well as next steps to access and dive deeper into session materials.

⭐ Watch and share the session recording now on Sabin’s YouTube channel and check out the full session presentation

⭐ Share any feedback you had on this session (to inform future sessions)

⭐ Check out Episode 1 of the COVID-19 Listening & Learning Podcast, Lessons from the Frontline - COVID-19 Mass Vaccination, featuring Alexandra Simon from Curative

⭐ Visit Curative's website to learn more about their work across the United States!

⭐ Do you have experience with COVID-19 vaccine roll-out that you want to share with the Boost Community or during future Listening & Learning sessions? Learn more about our new Sparks series and share your experience with us!

⭐ Join the Boost Community Chat on Telegram and the COVID-19 Listening & Learning Series learning group on the Boost platform for continued discussion and updates on future sessions

⭐ Download, save, and share this chart outlining all approved COVID-19 vaccine cold chain temperatures, put together by the Curative Team

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