New Resource: PATH's COVID-19 Catalog of Training Resources for Health Care Workers

Jul 17, 2020

Dear Boost Community,

Thank you for your ongoing efforts to support immunization services in your communities in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic. Here is a new resource from PATH. Feel free to share your resources with us by either commenting on this post or emailing info@boostcommunity.orgPlease note of our previous post that included several resources and our newly uploaded COVID-19 Country Guidance

Thank you,
The Boost Team

PATH just recently completed the creation of this new resource to support health care workers (HCWs) across low- and middle-income countries working to address the COVID-19 pandemic. This resource was developed as part of PATH’s Tools for Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (TIMCI) project, which is focused on improving access to affordable and appropriate tools to help HCWs identify critically ill children and refer them for treatment without delay. I wanted to share this resource because it has a meaningful overlap with the broader work you are involved in around the response to COVID-19 and broader health systems strengthening.


About the catalog: The COVID-19 Catalog of Training Resources for Health Care Workers is a comprehensive library of around 300 existing training resources developed or made available by various organizations. By consolidating them into one catalog and making them easy to filter and search, we hope that it serves as a useful tool to those involved in direct patient care. These training resources include topics relevant to COVID-19 response, such as triage, diagnostics, home management, basic respiratory care clinical skills, advanced respiratory care clinical skills, non-respiratory complications clinical skills, maternal health, infection prevention and control, anesthesia, device operation, device maintenance, self-care, and palliative care. Training offered via these resources can be feasibly implemented through in-person or standard online platforms and does not require complex technologies that may be unavailable in a resource-constrained setting. The catalog uses Tableau as its main platform, which is easy to navigate, but can also be downloaded as an Excel file.

The Boost Community team has created a central folder in our Media Center labeled COVID-19 Country Guidance. In the folder, you will find WHO sources and more files organized by WHO regions. These documents were shared with us by immunization professionals from various countries.

Thank you to everyone that shared and we hope these resources help.

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