Introducing Bright Spots: Stories of Innovation in Routine Immunization

Jul 13, 2020

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Boost is excited to introduce the Bright Spots initiative! A “Bright Spot” is a new or known vaccine delivery story where a state, district or facility team made intentional changes to programmatic or operational management, which resulted in improved program performance and indicated the potential for step change. 


Over the next few weeks, Boost will be highlighting stories of individuals and partners who have driven change and showcasing the best practices that drove that change. From immunization in conflict settings to community engagement to bottom-up approaches to planning, there is innovation occurring at all levels of the system. We hope that these Bright Spots shine a light on the work that is happening on the ground and inspire the Boost community to learn, adapt and take action in your own communities.


This is the first of what will become an exciting annual story-sharing competition. The theme of this year’s stories is partnering for impact. Read stories of dynamic change in routine immunization that has been achieved through partnership. 

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