People Power Health - Intro to Community Organizing for Immunization Workshop

Jul 01, 2020

Thanks to those of you who were able to join the workshop on People, Power, Health – Introduction to Community Organizing for Immunization! It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces on the line, and practice the use of public narrative to promote your immunization advocacy causes. We value your feedback! If you were able to participate in the session yesterday, please take 3-5 minutes to complete this brief feedback form.

For those of you who were not able to join the event live,I am posting here a recording of the workshop (and below) and a copy of the presentation. The workshop focused on the practice of community organizing - and, in particular, the use of public narrative to advance immunization cuases. 

Traditional advocacy and service delivery are both characterized by doing things FOR people. Professionals like lawyers, social or healthcare workers will address a problem on behalf of those perceived as unable to speak for themselves. Although traditional advocacy has its role and importance, it doesn’t focus on building leadership, power and capacity among those affected by the problems to address them.

Community Organizing on the other hand is about equipping people (constituency) with the power (story and strategy) to make change (real outcomes). People learn community organizing from the experience of doing it, reflecting on their experience, and learning from their reflection. The workshop focused on one of five key leadership practices - public narrative.

This webinar recording discusses:

• How to apply movement building strategies to immunization advocacy efforts, drawing on lessons and skills from contemporary and historic social movements. 
• Five key community organizing practices: telling stories, building relationships, structuring teams, movement strategy, and action.
• Narrative as a leadership practice - How to articulate a story of why we are called to lead, a story of the community we hope to mobilize and why we’re united, and a story of why we must act.



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