Supporting Countries as they Transition Away from Gavi Support

To support countries as they transition away from Gavi support to full domestic financing, the Learning Network for Countries in Transition (LNCT – pronounced linked) has produced three learning products featuring country experiences with transition.


1.) LNCT’s Lessons Learned on Transition synthesizes insights and some key lessons we have learned through LNCT engagements since the network’s inception in 2016.

2.) The Country Case Study: Lessons Learned from Sri Lanka’s Experience Transitioning from Gavi Support, highlights some of the critical lessons learned, from both its successes and challenges, related to sustaining and expanding the gains made in vaccine preventable disease control over the past 30 years in Sri Lanka.

3.) Lastly, the Country Case Study: Lessons Learned from Georgia’s Experience Transitioning from Gavi Support, outlines some of the key lessons learned from Georgia's transition, including enabling factors, as well potential risks, to its future programmatic and financial sustainability.


Policymakers, immunization practitioners, and other stakeholders in transitioning countries can use these case studies to understand some of the complex challenges that may arise during the Gavi transition process and adapt potential solutions based on lessons learned from their peers in other countries.

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